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Cutaway, ghosted and phantom view illustrations, of automobiles, vehicle systems and automotive products.

cutaway and ghosted car

The above illustration shows the combined use of the original line art and a gradient overlay of the finished cutaway car illustration. Because the whole of the line art is on one layer, the mechanics on another layer and the body on the top layer in Photoshop, this allows for different emphasis to be given to whatever parts the client wants to show.

cutaway car

This is the completed cutaway car illustration that was used as on overlay on the line art.

cutaway car series

The above series of illustrations show the line art in full, various color ways of the same illustration, and the car body as illustrated without ghosting. Although it takes a longer time to paint everything fully, you eventually have multiple layers in Photoshop that you can adjust in various ways.

Generic V6 engine

Cutaway V6 engine, originally illustrated for Honda but with all insignia now removed so that it becomes a generic V6.

generic car

Bax industries needed a generic car illustration as an introduction to showcase their auto parts division. This car does not exist and was created in Illustrator and Photoshop

saturn vue

Saturn Vue ghosted illustration.

Rear differential

Acura MDX rear differential cutaway mechanical illustration.

Flyng Lizard

Automotive Illustration of the Porsche Flying Lizard racecar. Michelin tire ad to show consumer use of racecar tire technology.

Honda overhead ghosted car
Ghosted overhead Honda. Both the drawing and the final illustration. This was executed traditionally, the final illustration being airbrushed onto film.
honda overhead line art

Overhead line art, ghosted illustration.

MDX ghosted car illustration

Ghosted illustration of Acura MDX.

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