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Below is a series of black and white illustration for the Detorit Autoshow release of the Toyota Tundra. These illustrations where drawn in Adobe illustrator and finally printed onto sandpaper. They were given out at the show.
Toyota tundra illustration

Front elevation of a Toyota Tundra. Black and white vector illustration.

toyota tubdra illustration

Side elevation illustration.

toyota tundra illustration

Rear view illustration of a Toyota Tundra, to show cargo capacity. Vector based illustration.

toyota tundra illustration.

7/8 profile illustration.

toyota tundra illustration

7/8 front illustration. Toyota Tundra, vector based illustration.

toyota t-shirt

Illustration for a t-shirt. Given to Team Tundra.

Various other black and white automotive illustrations.

car interior

Concept drawing of a car interior.

air bags

Concept illustration of a cars air bags.

bmw angel eyes

BMW angel eyes illustration.


Toyota FJ Cruiser actuator.


Toyota FJ Cruiser front suspension.


Toyota-FJ ACIS

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