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An advertising campaign for Toyota FJ Cruiser. The directive was to create drawings that looked “old school” like the technical how to manuals. They had to look hand drawn, pen ink and pencil without any slick look to the images. At first because we work digitally the agency had a problem that we might not be able to create digitally what had to look like it was ink on paper. We convinced them that we could. The results are below.

toyota FJ cruiser transmission

Cutaway style technical illustration of a Toyota FJ cruiser 6-speed transmission.

FJ cruiser transmission

Exploded style technical illustration of a Toyota FJ cruiser 5-speed automatic transmission.

Water fording

Ghosted technical illustration to Show Toyota’s FJ cruiser water fording ability.

FJ cruiser utility

Technical illustrations to show the utility aspects of the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

FJ Cruiser underbelly

Technical illustration of the underbelly of the FJ Cruiser.

Traction control

Traction control diagrams and illustration.

FJ Cruiser rear suspension

Rear suspension technical illustration, Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Locking differential

Technical illustrations to explain the locking differential on an FJ Cruiser.

Ladder frame

technical drawing of the ladder frame on a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Front suspension

technical illustration and diagrams explaining the front suspension of a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

FJ cruiser body

Exploded illustrations of the body of a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

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